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Jesus Christ


Prophet Isa

For many centuries the Israelites ruled the blessed land of Palestine.  The beautiful country prospered as much energy was invested into the land.  Most importantly the people were honest and righteous, believers in the Law of Allah.  They followed the Towraat, Holy Book of the time.  Their kingdom was relatively large, and Allah Almighty chose many Prophets from among them.  Prophet Dawood was a powerful and popular king.  His son Suleiman, also became a popular ruler.  Both leaders were loved by the people and well-known for strictly applying the Commands of the Almighty.



      However, after Prophet Suleiman and as years passed, many people became negligent and paid less attention to the substance of Allah's Commands.  They distorted the divine rules and forgot about some of them—many people even cared little about them.  Not only that but people also changed many teachings to suit their own interests, and as years passed people began to interpret and apply Allah's teachings differently than what the Prophets had taught.  When Allah's directives are modified, Allah does not like it since it causes wrong and different directives to pass from one generation to another.  This

 falsehood, then, would be bad for humanity and quite dangerous.

      At this time, then, many Israelites lived in sinful and corrupt ways.  When hundreds of years pass people's thoughts about religion became unclear, chiefly because religion at that time was committed to memory and not registered in writing.


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      A superpower called the Roman Empire was ruling the world at that time.  People in that Empire did not worship Allah or pray to Him.  They prayed to many gods and attributed to them various imaginary powers.  They made statues of stone to represent their gods.  Some of the statues still exist today and can be seen in Europe.

      Ordinary people of the Roman Empire lived in poor and unhealthy conditions.  Numerous slaves labored under their masters and they were treated harshly.  Wicked, immoral, and evil actions were committed daily particularly against women.  It was an extremely depraved society filled with great misery.

      The blessed land of Palestine was ruled by Rome's representative, Herod, the Governor, who was a tyrant.  Herod did not believe in Allah (God) and he was a Roman, not one of the Israelites.  The Romans had appointed him as a Governor to rule the Israelites with a dictatorial, iron-fist manner.  Herod's rule was similar to Pharaoh's in Egypt of centuries before.  The people did not like Herod at all and they were extremely afraid of him.  They had no freedom and could not speak up against him otherwise they would be killed.



      When a population lives under faulty conditions, especially with distorted Divine Directives, Allah Almighty chooses a Prophet as He had previously done.  This time, however, Allah Almighty wanted to bring forth someone special, very special, since the Romans were materialistic people who believed in physical things, who could be impressed only by miracles.

      Allah, of course, knew them best, and He wanted to show them His religion by a means in which they understood and believed, as in miracles.  The first and foremost of the supernatural phenomena to follow was the miraculous birth of Isa


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      Maryam was a pure woman dedicated to the Almighty.  Maryam grew up in the house of Prophet Zakariah (Zachariah) who was a man of purity and the father of Yahya or (John the Baptist).  Maryam was raised in a house of virtue; she was very devoted to the Almighty.  She was often found at the temple praying to Allah.

      Many people lived in evil ways and the Roman rule was harsh, but Maryam did not care for their ways and she enjoyed worshipping in the temple.  She lived an unblemished, pure life, and loved Allah from the depth of her heart.  Allah also loved Maryam very much as Maryam was an immaculate woman who  lead a virtuous life.

      One day Maryam was alone in the temple, meditating.  The temple was big, attractive, inspiring, and with many rugs on the floor.  No other person was in the temple except Maryam, and she was praying and glorifying the Almighty.  The area was extremely quiet.  Suddenly something attracted her attention!  To her surprise she saw a handsome man not far from her.

      Maryam's heart beat fast.  She was scared because she thought the strange man was going to attack her or hurt her.  She panicked, her face became pale and her legs shook in fright.

      She heard herself saying, "Go away, go away.  I ask Allah Almighty to protect me from you.  What do you want?  Who are you?  Why don't you go away?!"  The temple echoed her cry and then there was silence.

      The man did not approach her nor show any gestures to her emotions.  He seemed courteous, clean-cut, well dressed, and different from other men.  He looked pleasant and was behaving in a surprisingly polite manner.  He seemed to have something to say though.  Maryam calmed down since the man did not move.  She heard his voice in a commanding manner proclaim, "I am sent by Allah Almighty.  I am an angel of His.  The Almighty has decreed that you are going to have a baby."

      Maryam trembled and felt strange inside.  "Wow! What is this man saying!?" she thought.  She was overtaken, unnerved, and worried.  After all, Maryam knew she was virgin, not married, so how could she have a baby, she wondered again and again.  In absorbing this Maryam asked with a quivering voice, "But how can I have a baby when I am still virgin?  And after all, I am not married and had never had any promiscuous acts with a man?"

      The angel remained still, he did not answer right away.  He then replied, "The Lord Almighty wanted it that way, it is His wish, His glorious wish.  It is easy for Him, He does what He decrees and pleases.  He has His own reasons.  I am merely here to give you the good news, the glad tidings."

      Maryam's mind was in a turmoil, still thinking, feeling puzzled and strange, her heart beating hard and her mind twirling.  Suddenly, she saw the angel disappear from before her very eyes, "Wow! what is going on?!" Maryam wondered.



      Maryam felt very weak and she sat down as the beads of sweat rolled down her temples.  If what she saw, she thought, was true, then how was she going to tell the people?  And who would believe her?  No one ever before had such a thing happen!


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      Sure enough, Maryam's tummy began to grow.  She told many of her friends and relatives, but no one believed her.  Because many people did not believe her, they were certain Maryam had a promiscuous relationship with a man, thus resulting in the pregnancy.  They could not believe their ears, or Maryam for that matter.

      Maryam's tummy became bigger and bigger, making the pregnancy obvious.  Numerous people began to say Maryam was bad and sinful.  The whole town of Nazareth was gossiping and making fun of her.  Naturally, Maryam was terribly hurt but she had solid faith in Allah (swt) and knew that Allah will help her.  She also understood the people's disbelief since pregnancy comes from male and female intercourse.  Maryam, not knowing why Allah chose her for the Miracle and what lay ahead, had true faith in Allah's decision.  It was, however, a real puzzlement!



      After Maryam's tummy became very big, the time was almost due to give birth to the blessed baby.  Because of so much vulgar talk about her, Maryam felt it good to leave her town, Nazareth, and deliver the baby in another town.  She prepared for the trip and decided to head toward a town called Bethlehem, seventy‑one miles away.  The new town was small, with narrow streets and a few small houses.  There was a place nearby where people put animals called a manger.  Near this place was a palm tree with patches of grass here and there.  Maryam sat by the palm tree.  The smell of the manger was strong, and the animals' wastes gave a very strong odor.

      Resting a little, feeling exhausted and somewhat dejected, Maryam suddenly felt some pains in her tummy, which became more frequent.  She put her hands on her tummy as if to stop the pain but she couldn't.  She began to sweat and the pains became more frequent.  Maryam was alone and she realized the baby was about to be born.  Eventually Maryam had very severe pains and she prayed to Allah the Lord for help.  The pain was so severe that Maryam thought she could hardly make it.


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      As Maryam gritted her teeth in pain and prayed for Allah's help, she heard a voice from nearby.  The voice was commanding and very clear, "Oh Maryam, take support by the trunk of the palm tree, eat of its dates, it will give you strength.  And drink and refresh from the stream near you."  The small stream was very cool and refreshing and the dates indeed gave her strength.

      Sure enough, Isa (Jesus) was finally born.  Maryam had her blessed baby, and though weak and still very uncomfortable, she washed and cleansed him.  She dressed him up and held him in her arms to admire and love. The baby was so beautiful and charming.

      Some people heard about Maryam and came to visit.  They were still in much doubt about her, making fun and sarcastically saying that her pregnancy was a miracle by God.

      People nearby asked many questions.  However, Maryam had promised God to fast from talking for three days.  She thus remained purposefully silent and wouldn't say a word after her baby was born.  When relatives and friends asked Maryam questions, instead of talking she pointed to her baby, as if she was gesturing them to ask him!  The people couldn't exactly figure this out, but soon discovered why Maryam was gesturing.


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      People continued to ask more questions, and all of a sudden, they heard some words coming from the baby!  They had the surprise of their lives and even felt scared.  "The baby talked!" they all said in confusion and astonishment.  They looked at each other in disbelief of what they had just heard.  "Has anybody heard a baby talk?" they said to each other, and kept thinking to themselves.

      The words they heard were beautiful:

"Isa (Jesus) was the coming Prophet to the people, and Allah will bless him wherever he is, and that Allah has asked him to keep his prayers and to do good, and to honor his mother—so peace be with Isa the day he was born, the day he would die, and the day he would be raised up again."


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      You see why people became so amazed?!  It was not just the fact that baby Isa miraculously said something, it was also of what he said, the fact that he was going to be Allah's Prophet and His servant.  Also so unusual was when he said he was ordered to be kind, nice, to do good, and keep prayer.

      In those days, doing good or being virtuous and pious was not emphasized.  The words of baby Isa though brought the people's attention to virtue and morality.  It made them take notice of the evil things they were doing.

      To their surprise, the doubting people were confronted with truth, that Maryam was actually telling the truth and that this miracle had been witnessed by them, in front of their very own eyes!  They, of course, became ever more excited and went back home to spread the news.



      Everyone was talking about Baby Isa and his miraculous birth.  The news spread fast and there was a new excitement in the air.  Governor Herod himself heard about the birth and Isa's saying, but he was very skeptical.  He became worried though that the people may disobey him or even revolt against him.  Because of it Governor Herod commanded that every baby born to the Israelites and every child under the age of two years should be put to death!  Herod order was quite similar to that of Pharaoh's of years before.

      The Israelites, of course, became extremely worried and upset, since so many families stood to lose their babies.  To avoid any risk, mother Maryam bundled up baby Isa and escaped from Palestine during the night.  Maryam decided to go to Egypt.  It was a difficult and hard journey, especially with a tiny baby.  But she knew she would be safe as God the Almighty was giving His protection to the two of them.



      Maryam, the pure, had to stay in Egypt and away from home for many years (probably as many as twelve).  Isa (Jesus) and his mother lived in Egypt so the dangerous arms of Governor Herod didn't reach them.  They often listened to travelers from Palestine about Herod and his harsh regime.  They were homesick, though, for much of the time.  Baby Isa grew to be a nice, charming boy.  Allah Almighty gave him a keen mind, great deal of wisdom, and made him think exceptionally well.


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      When Maryam heard that Herod was not the Governor anymore she took a big sigh of relief.  She was happy because now the time had come to return home.  They bundled their belongings and joined a caravan heading to the blessed land.  It was a long journey, very tiring and hard to say the least.  The desert was hot, inhospitable, and with scarce water; the very juggling on top of the camel needed much to be desired.

      When they arrived at Palestine, Isa (Jesus) was known at this young age to have given directives of the highest caliber at the temple.  Many priests were very impressed, not only with Isa's courage and wisdom, but particularly with his extremely high ability.  Isa spoke at a much higher level than anyone despite his young age.  He spoke with authority and was a puzzlement to many.

      The family then went back to Nazareth, and it took many more years before Isa (Jesus) started to minister.


ISA (JESUS) THE PROPHET   go to top of page

      When Isa reached the age of thirty, looking dignified and wholesome, he ministered as a Prophet.  He taught people about God, His Commands, and to be aware of Him in all dealings.  Isa (Jesus) preached repeatedly at the temples, in the streets, at homes, and wherever there were people.  His Message was to bring forth the substance of the Towraat (Torah) and the true meaning of the directives of God.

      People listened to him but were mostly not convinced.  It was very frustrating, since the Message of God seemed to fall on deaf ears.  The Message was clear, it was confirming the essence and the substance of the Towraat (Torah), yet people were too preoccupied with their own ways and life-styles, too used to the technicalities of the religion, and not willing to change.


      Something special was needed, it was needed urgently, and to be of such magnitude as to awaken them.  Since the people of Isa's time were very materialistic, there was a need for extraordinary events to make them believe.  What the people needed was miracles to be performed at the hands of Prophet Isa (Jesus) by invoking the special Powers of God.  Miracles would certainly be the answer.


ISA (a.s.): Outline   go to top of page
Jesus Christ

Isa (a.s.):


  1. Was born without a father (immaculate conception)

  2. Talked with high wisdom and great ability at an early age

  3. Came to affirm the essence of the Torah.

  4. Twelve Disciples, described as Muslims in the Quran

  5. Was a big challenge to Jews and disbelievers

  6. Never did he claim to be son of God

  7. Was revealed the Injeel (Gospel)

  8. Performed many miracles through Allah's power

Jesus Christ, Prophet of God, ministered for a few years.  He came to affirm and focus on the substance of the Torah and to convince people to believe; Allah gave Jesus the power to perform many miracles.



      The people at that time were quite different from other times.  They were stubborn and materialistic with only worldly interests.  They needed to be jolted with supernatural phenomena like miracles.  Allah knew that miracles would be the only means for them to take notice and believe in Him.

      Therefore, Prophet Isa prayed to Allah Almighty asking for the Spirit to give him the power and ability to perform a miracle.  He often asked Allah for that Power, and Allah granted it to him.

      With that Power, Isa (Jesus) performed many miracles, and they were different from each other, performed at various times and in different places.  Often the people asked him to perform a miracle too, but Prophet Isa was not able, saying the Power did not come to him.  This might have disappointed many, but there was a reason for this only Allah (swt) knew.  The Holy Quran mentions that Prophet Isa was supported by the Holy Spirit, meaning Jubra'eel (Gabriel).



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Isa's Birth:


Isa's Miracles


Isa's End on Earth



Needs of the Times


Divine Intervention


Each miracle, however, attracted more people and made them into believers.  This way Prophet Isa was followed by larger and larger numbers.  Isa was fought by the Jewish Rabbis and disbelieved by most Romans, but the weak, meek, and the sick followed him with dear life.  He had twelve disciples, and the Holy Quran describes them as Good Muslims.

      Let us mention some of the miracles Prophet Isa (Jesus) performed through the Power of Allah.  The following are some outstanding miracles:

•  Miracle of the bird.

•  Miracle of the leper.

•  Miracle of the blind and mute.

•  Miracle of raising from the dead.


MIRACLE OF THE BIRD   go to top of page

      Isa (Jesus) was preaching to a crowd one day and he brought to their attention the pivotal importance of belief as the basis of spiritual life.  He talked about the true meaning of the belief in Allah (swt) and what this belief instructed to the believers.  He spoke of the ethics and morals of religion as well as how important it is to be good and do good.

      People listened although they did not appear to give serious thought or have questions for what was preached.  Prophet Isa wanted to greatly impress them so they would accept and follow the truth of his Message.  Let us see what he did when he felt the Power come to him.

     Prophet Isa (Jesus) was in the center of a large crowd.  The crowd grew  anxious in anticipation, all silently looking and standing still with excitement.  Prophet Isa took some clay from the ground and slowly sculptured it into a bird.  The clay bird had a small head, a thin neck, and a round body.  When Prophet Isa was finished his hands were covered with the muddy clay.  He put the clay bird in one of his hands.  The curiosity of the crowd climaxed as everyone looked puzzled, not knowing what to make of it.  All were very silent, with their hearts beating fast.

      Prophet Isa was on his knees praying to Allah, invoking His name and asking Him to activate the power.  He then blew on the clay bird and by Allah's power, and to the amazement of all, the clay bird was immediately transformed into a real, living bird!  The bird flew away as the crowd watched in amazement.  The people could hardly believe it but they saw with their own eyes, and they rubbed their eyes to see if that was true.  And as if by reflex, they talked to each other in puzzlement, "Has anyone seen such a sight? Isn't this amazing? It must be a miracle!!"

      Prophet Isa took this opportunity and proclaimed, "See how marvelous the power of Allah is!?  Do you believe me now!?"  The crowd rushed to him repeating their belief, and how amazing the miracle was.

      As everyone hurried home they talked incessantly about the miracle of the bird.  The village was struck with astonishment as everyone rushed to meet Prophet Isa hoping to see more miracles.  They wanted to hear Prophet Isa talk and preach, they wanted to see more of him.  However, those who didn't see the miracle of the bird thought it was magic and they wanted to see for themselves just to be sure.


HEALING THE SICK   go to top of page

      Prophet Isa (Jesus) traveled from one town to another.  He was surrounded by his 12 disciples who were his ardent supporters.  Prophet Isa preached and preached, his central theme being faith in Allah and how necessary it was to be good through applying Allah's commands.  People listened more attentively by now since the story of the bird's miracle spread from one area to the other.  More was needed however, since there were still many people in different towns who needed to be impressed.  People also started to expect more from Prophet Isa, wanting to see the supernatural in order to believe.

      Prophet Isa was in a new town preaching as usual.  He was surrounded by many people, mostly common, ordinary people, who listened to him.  These common people included the curious, the poor, and the hopefuls.  They saw from a distance a man who was walking in pain toward them, as if his sickness had disabled him.  He was suffering from a grave sickness, a very disabling one to say the least.  The sickness was leprosy.  With such a sickness the man was very disfigured, with lumps and ulcers on his face to such an extent he was hardly recognizable.  His arms were stiff, fingers crooked and disfigured, and he had even lost some toes.  It was so bad that he couldn't even feel through his skin completely unable to feel the pain or sense it!

      It was quite a sight as he approached limping, disfigured, and awful looking.  This sickness had been with him for years and it grew to such an extent that many people were scared to stand next to him or even talk to him.  With difficulty the man approached the crowd, limping until he was face to face with Prophet Isa.  The two silently gazed at each other.

      Prophet Isa looked at this man with pity, his heart bleeding for him.  Then, with a weak voice, the sick man asked, "Cure me, please cure me!  Oh Jesus, Prophet of God, ask Allah to cure me! Please, please, do that for me."

      The crowd was silent and motionless as they waited in anticipation.  They were hoping to see something happen while Isa (Jesus), the Prophet of God, was on his knees praying.  Isa prayed very hard, asking Allah Almighty to invoke His powers and to help heel the man.  After a short while, Prophet Isa (Jesus) received the Power from God, he felt it within him; he stood up and put his hand on the sick man's shoulders and then commanded.

      Within a few minutes, and in front of their eyes, they saw the disfigured man change completely!  The man's face began to clear, as the lumps disappeared!  His crippled hands and fingers changed to normal, and the local numbness disappeared.  For the first time the man could feel as he shouted in excitement!  To the surprise of all, from the curious and expecting to believers and non-believers, to educated and illiterate, they all witnessed it, none could deny it!  They were speechless, amazed, and confounded to say the least.

      The crowd was wide-eyed with wonderment and cried with excitement.  They shouted to each other, "A miracle, what a miracle!"  They felt happy, excited, and sure.  Each witness remembered a sick friend or relative who was in need of a cure, a fast easy cure.  They wanted to take advantage of Prophet Isa, to utilize him, forgetting that the miracles were to jolt them into belief and to believe in the teachings of Prophet Isa (Jesus).

      People constantly talked and talked of how Prophet Isa, Christ, the good teacher, performed marvelous miracles in support of his teachings.  His reputation quickly spread, and people were ever more divided between believer and disbeliever since for many it meant loss of jobs, yet for others it meant salvation.


THE BLIND MAN WHO COULD NOT TALK:   go to top of page

      Prophet Isa (Jesus) kept visiting many areas and preached.  He was affirming the essence and substance of the Torah, without the blemishes the Jews had added to it.  Prophet Isa was popular with some gatherings and not so popular with others.  More was needed though, to affirm the Message with which Allah had entrusted in him.  Prophet Isa, Christ as called by now (Al-Maseeh, the Messiah) was walking through the streets of a town with his disciples and others by his side.  Many people were gathering as the area was a shopping area.  The street was narrow, winding about, but here and there you could see an open space.

      Not too far away they spotted a man standing, lonely and forlorn.  He looked tired, frail, and pathetic.  He had been blind for a long time and could not talk either for he was mute.  For him it was an extremely difficult life.  Even so he had heard that the new Prophet cured the leper through invoking the Power he received from the Almighty.

      Prophet Isa saw the pathetic man standing alone, not seeing or even able to speak.  His heart bled for the blind man since the man could not even call for help.  Prophet Isa was a man of love and he loved the poor and the disadvantaged and those who needed help.  Prophet Isa, therefore, stood still looking at the blind man and people watched in curiosity.  They felt something special was about to happen.  The crowd was very large, and they waited breathlessly.  Isa (Al-Maseeh, the Messiah) prayed to Allah Almighty, asking for the Power, the special power Allah makes available to him, to help the blind and mute man.  There were minutes of tension that passed with anticipation.  Prophet Isa moved toward the blind man and touched his shoulder.  People were quiet, their hearts pounding hard as they listened intently.  "Will a miracle be performed?" they asked themselves.

      Sure enough, they saw the man's eyes open and looking normal; he could now see!  He jumped with joy and excitement shouting over and over again, "I can see! I can talk!"  He touched everything as if disbelieving himself!  He knelt in deep gratitude.  "I can see people," and excitedly he shouted, "I can see shops and I can see the blue skies! Oh how wonderful! I can see everything!"  He could talk too, and even shout, and say anything he wanted!

      The crowd, struck with awe, could hardly believe their eyes.  Excitement in the air was as high as could be.  Each person was incessantly talking to others saying that a miracle, by the Power of God, was just performed through Prophet Isa (Jesus)!    The people's faith in the teachings of Prophet Isa was augmented.  Miracles in those times were the perfect tool to make people believe.

      The reputation of the works of Prophet Isa was spreading fast, even the Romans could not ignore it.  The Jewish Rabbinical authorities were very much challenged.  Naturally, they vehemently denied the many claims of so many eye witnesses, giving various excuses.  Numerous Jews, therefore, refused to believe in Jesus' teachings.

      Isa (Jesus) could not perform a Miracle on demand, therefore one of the excuses the Jews gave was that when they asked Jesus (Al-Maseeh, the Messiah) to perform a miracle he could not do so, since the Power would not comply.  The Power, as is explained, was to come according to its wish.  Thus, there were times when Prophet Isa could not perform a miracle, and others times when he could.

      In spite of that, the witnessing crowds grew bigger and the reputation and call for more miracles became intense.  Focusing attention on the real meaning of the Torah, the essence of the teachings of Allah, the Creator, was becoming better known.  It brought another challenge to the Jewish leaders as an increasing number of them began to believe.


RAISING FROM THE DEAD   go to top of page

      Prophet Isa not only raised one person from the dead but a few.  One that stands out, however, was that of Lazarus.  The news of his death stunned his sisters, Mary and Martha.  They mourned, cried, and grieved over his death, and felt very, very sad.  They rushed to where Prophet Isa was and pleaded with him to attend Lazarus and per chance help revive him.

      Friends and relatives were around, consoling and comforting both Martha as well as other relatives.  At the scene, the crowd was large and many people talked with low voices out of respect to the dead.  Isa the Prophet, along with a few in his company, headed toward the group.  Silence prevailed, as everyone expected the Prophet to do what he could.  They had already witnessed the Prophet perform many miracles when the Power was made available to him by God.  Prophet Isa knew that many had already witnessed the previous miracles.  But this time a special miracle and more astonishing than ever was needed, it had to involve a dead man.

      Lazarus was dead for about three days, and his body was stiff with rigor-mortis.  He was shrouded with a white sheet and was about ready to be buried.  Prophet Jesus entered the room and approached the dead man.  He knelt by Lazarus and started to pray to Allah Almighty to make the marvelous Power available to perform a miracle.  He asked again and again for the special Power.  Soon Isa felt it, and within a short time he stood up, and with authority ordered Lazarus to be back to life as he was before!

      What people witnessed was the impossible to believe.  The crowd was thunderstruck and awed by the scene—the dead Lazarus began to stir and then he slowly rose alive again!  It looked as if he had never died.  What a scene!  How difficult to believe, but they saw it with their own eyes, they were the witnesses.  Everyone was happy and they removed the grave sheet from Lazarus, letting him put his normal clothes on.

      These miracles, though coming at strategic moments, were an essential means to make people believe and be attached to the teachings of Prophet Isa.  They called him Christ, meaning the Good Teacher, or the Anointed one, since his teachings affirmed and explained the essence of the Torah as Jesus said many times.

      Prophet Isa was the greatest challenge to the Jews of that time.  A great number of them believed in him and his teachings.  The performance of the miracles added zest to those teachings and confirmed the teachings as well.



      The miracles were merely a means to impress upon the people that Jesus was a highly prized Prophet.  It was to prove too, that the Miracles performed were only through the Power of God as Isa had repeatedly said.  Allah (swt) gave Prophet Isa the capacity to utilize the Power because the people of the time needed to see proof before they would believe.

      The teachings of Prophet Isa were the very essence and substance of the Torah; they were far more important than any and all miracles combined.

      Prophet Isa reminded people of the genuine teachings of Prophet Musa and other Prophets since those teachings were greatly changed by different priests and clergymen over time.  Therefore, Prophet Isa's teachings were essential and very necessary.

      Prophet Isa also had his own specific Revelations and his specific teachings.  He taught the belief in Allah (swt) and His Oneness, and called the people to pray to God the Lord and not material endeavors.  He taught them to strengthen their faith and that through faith they should be righteous.  He asked people to be kind, nice, loving, and forgiving.  He asked them not to talk behind anyone's back and not to hurt others.  He asked people also to fight evil.  He reminded people not to cheat but to be honest.  He asked them not to steal, be mean or troublesome.  He preached goodness in its various forms and urged the faithful to be people of integrity, decency, and good morals.

      Prophet Isa had twelve disciples, his trusted helpers, and they were good men whom the Holy Quran calls True Muslims.  The disciples helped continue the spread of Allah's Message during the life of Isa and afterwards.


ISA and the Miracles: Outline   go to top of page

 Jesus Christ

Isa (a.s.):

Jesus Christ

  1. People needed to see miracles from him to be impressed and believe

  2. Allah gave Jesus the power for miracles

  3. The deaf-mute and the blind stand out

  4. The raising from the dead also stand out

  5. Jews tried to destroy him, conspired

  6. Romans tried to crucify him, Allah saved him

  7. Isa was taken to the Most High in Heaven

  8. Islam refutes resurrection

Isa was a great Prophet.  He never claimed to be other than a Prophet.  After him, Christianity evolved into the shape we see it now—very different from the way he preached it.



      Al-Maseeh Isa preached for three years and he performed many miracles.  Those witnessing the miracles gradually increased in number.   They believed in his teachings and became very good people.  The new atmosphere was a challenge and it was a social turbulence for the Jews, the Romans, and all lovers of evil.

      Not only were the ruling Romans feeling pressured, but also many Jews, especially their Rabbis.  The social changes were tremendous and the Jewish leaders hated to see this.  The Romans were worried and very distressed thinking that most people were going to follow Prophet Isa.  They were afraid that the people may revolt against them.

      Most Jews, particularly the Rabbis, were extremely distressed since so many people were following the new Prophet.  In such a tense atmosphere, the cry was to get rid of the new Prophet in any way possible.  They wanted Isa out, so they decided that Prophet Isa was to be crucified.


DID THEY CRUCIFY HIM?   go to top of page

      Allah (swt) loved Prophet Isa very much and He wanted him saved, and Allah's plans always prevail.  There was intrigue and a plot planned against Jesus.  The Jewish High Priest, along with his helpers, convinced the Roman Ruler to do away with the man calling himself a Prophet.

      A big heavy wooden cross was made and Prophet Isa was the intended victim along with a few others.  Prophet Isa was forced to drag the large and cumbersome cross.  Roman soldiers were all around and although they looked mean and ferocious on the outside they were feeling bad inside.  The witnessing crowd included believers and nonbelievers along with Roman soldiers.  As they witnessed the Prophet dragging the weighty cross, they felt for him—they felt very bad.  Even those who were against Prophet Isa's teachings felt queasy and sick inside as they knew there was something unfair and evil going to take place.  Everyone knew that Prophet Isa had done no wrong; he had called for goodness, so why the injustice?!?

      But wait.  Allah (swt), the One and All-Powerful was on Prophet Isa's side.  On that day, as Prophet Isa was to be crucified, Allah Almighty came to Isa's aid.  Allah (swt) made the likes of Prophet Isa to appear on the cross.  What people saw crucified was not actually Prophet Isa, rather it was another being who was made to look exactly like Prophet Isa to take his place on the cross.  (Surah 4  :  Ayah  157)

      It was a discernment that only Allah, the Creator, wished it to be.  Allah (swt)  wanted to save Isa the Prophet and so He did.  It was in a most unique and magnificent way.  In this manner Prophet Isa the Messiah was saved, as Allah wished it to be.

      The man born by miracle, who ministered for only three years, was taken to the Most High, as Allah Himself desired.  Neither Roman rulers nor Jews could succeed in killing the Prophet as Allah wanted him to be above them ... and so it was.

      People who witnessed the crucifixion were saddened and felt guilty.  They did not know it was not Isa but some other being crucified.  They were very upset and felt extremely heavy-hearted as they went home crying.

      A few days later Prophet Isa was seen, whereby he was taken to Heaven according to Allah's decree.


HOW WERE HIS TEACHINGS   go to top of page

      Prophet Isa was a magnificent Prophet and his teachings were superb, many of which are still in the Gospels.  He narrated more than 60 parables, each leading to a conclusion.  The parables unleash the mind toward points of wisdom.  However, they are small in number, only a minuscule if compared with the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Nevertheless, in their small and concise form they have formidable strength.

      Also of importance are literary pieces called the beatitudes.  Those and other writings, be they of the early church or those of Paul, are not of Prophet Isa and can only be taken as man-made writings.

      The teachings of Prophet Isa were modified by many, especially the early church.  Even today they continue to be modified and therefore never in their original form, not in the manner the Holy Quran is.  Not all the teachings of Prophet Isa are in the Bible of today either.  Some of the things though written in the Bibles of today are indeed affirmed in the Holy Quran, therefore making them authentic and original.  Other passages in today's Bibles however, are not confirmed in the Holy Quran and probably are not Prophet Isa's original teachings.

      In other words, when the Gospels were written many decades later, (Mark, Luke, and Matthew 50-60 years, John, even 100-110 years after Prophet Isa), the teachings of the Maseeh (Christ), simply could not be written exactly as Isa said them.  Because of human nature and inability to remember everything verbatim the Gospels were written in the language of the author as he remembered decades later.  As a result they were changed and modified.


WHAT IS THE POST CHRISTIAN ERA?   go to top of page

      When Prophet Isa (Jesus) left the scene, a severe depression affected his followers.  They thought they betrayed the cause, they felt guilty, extremely so.  But a few days later when they saw Prophet Isa alive and well, and even talked to him, and with their own eyes they saw him taken to heaven.  This proved he was not crucified at all.

      The believers after him were monotheist, believing in the Oneness of God; their teachings were similar to the Islamic teachings.  Noteworthy are the Ebonites, (The story of Christian origins, by Martin A. Larson.) who continued in their correct practice and belief until they were gradually dispersed one century later.

      As to the disciples, they traveled extensively to spread the valued teachings of Isa.  St. Barnabas, Peter, and Mark among others were noteworthy in their contributions to Christianity.  The disciples were resisted by many and were often persecuted and abused; some disciples even lost their lives in the process of spreading Prophet Isa's teachings.

      It is said that St. Barnabas registered the original teachings of Prophet Isa and witnessed his elevation to Heaven.  The Gospel of Barnabas is very similar to the Quranic version in most fields.


WHO IS PAUL?   go to top of page

      A self-proclaimed follower, a skillful and dynamic leader, Paul believed he was to speak in the name of Prophet Isa.  (See The Story of Christian Origins by Martin A. Larson.  Also the Church of Our Fathers, by Ronald H. Bainton.)  Paul was originally a Jew and of the Hellenic philosophy; therefore, he popularized Hellenic theories and incorporated them into Christianity which continues into modern times.  Paul, more or less, introduced the doctrine of the Son of God concept into Prophet Isa's teachings.  Paul was an exceptional writer, and he wrote many epistles.  His writings though were not accepted into the bible for almost two hundred years.  It was after much discussion and debate that his writings were included in the New testament late in the second century.  Much of today's Christianity carries Paul's influence and teachings.


WERE MANY BIBLES WRITTEN?   go to top of page

      Numerous Bibles were written after Jesus ascended to Heaven, most of which were later on dismissed as apocryphal, meaning inaccurate, suspect, or simply forgeries.  It is said that as many as 72 or so of these Bibles existed, most of them with many controversial writings.

      As Christianity and the Church evolved, they changed and what resulted were heated arguments.  The arguments mainly were whether or not to Deify Prophet Isa and whether or not to make his mother as mother of God.  In Alexandria, three centuries following Christ, there came to be much argument and debate of Monotheism versus the Trinity.  In 325 a.d. a large council was held in Nicea of Asia Minor (See The Story of Christian Origins by Martin A. Larson.  Also the Church of Our Fathers, by Ronald H. Bainton. (See The Story of Christian Origins by Martin A. Larson.  Also the Church of Our Fathers, by Ronald H. Bainton.) (Turkey today) to decide the course of thought in the Christian religion.  With that, and after many emotional and heated discussions, the council decided in favor of the Trinity, no matter what Prophet Isa had preached.  The leader of the argument was Anathaseus, defeating the monotheistic representative of Araneus.  After the big decision the Trinitarians lead a great deal of killing of those who believed in the Oneness of God!  Numerous highly learned Christian men lost their lives.  Many villages were attacked and numerous innocent people were murdered simply because of the belief in the Oneness of God.

      If the ruler of the country believed in the Oneness of God, the towns of the Trinity belief were attacked, destroyed, and hordes of people killed.  If the ruler of the country was Trinitarian in thought, the towns that were Unitarian were attacked and destroyed.  Numerous lives were repeatedly lost in the Middle East and for as long as 200 years.


BY MUHAMMAD'S TIME?   go to top of page

      When Muhammad (pbuh) was born the Middle East was in great turmoil.  The Persian Empire was mostly following the Zoradusht faith, glorifying light, believing in a god of goodness and god of evil, with each god fighting for supremacy.  Christianity was more or less lost to much symbolism, icons, and mannerism in worship.  Much of what Prophet Isa taught seemed strange to the ears of a Christian.  Judaism was also off the straight path with so many rules and regulations defying common sense.

      The religious world was not left alone though.  Allah wished to complete His Message and to purify the Messages of previous years.  Therefore, by His mercy and constant love, Allah designated Muhammad to be the Last Prophet.  Muhammad (pbuh) was to bring glad tidings to humanity and to bring forth the Sublime Word of God.  Allah wanted the message to be registered in its totality and to be well preserved.  Allah (swt) wanted to complete the message through the blessed choice of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

      The time in which Muhammad (pbuh) was chosen to finalize the Message Arabia was in tremendous strife.  It was a land with no ruler; the people worshipped idols, were promiscuous, and had bad habits with awful customs and with hardly any regard to human worth.  With such impossible circumstances, Muhammad (pbuh) was chosen by Allah Most High, and with Allah's Message Allah's favor to humanity was delivered whole and complete.  Muhammad (pbuh) came to focus on the True Message of Allah, as had Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses) and other Prophets before him.


QUESTIONS   go to top of page

  1. Who is Herod?

  2. Who are the Romans?

  3. Who is Zakariah (Zachariah)?

  4. Who is Yahya?

  5. Describe what Maryam saw in the temple.

  6. What was Maryam told in the temple?

  7. What did the people say when Maryam became pregnant?

  8. What commands did Maryam hear when she was about to deliver Isa?

  9. In which town did Maryam deliver Isa?

  10. Explain Maryam's fast from talking.

  11. What did baby Isa say to the visitors?

  12. What special orders did Herod give?

  13. Why and to which country did Maryam and Isa go after Isa's birth?

  14. When they came back to Jerusalem, Isa gave directives in the temple, describe the reaction of the priests.

  15. At about what age did Isa become a Prophet?

  16. Did people believe in Isa right away?

  17. What was needed to impress the people and make them believe?

  18. Why could Prophet Isa not perform miracles out of his own will?

  19. The Holy Quran says that Prophet Isa was supported by the Holy Spirit.  What is the Holy Spirit?

  20. Briefly describe the miracle of the bird.

  21. Briefly describe the miracle of the man with the leprosy.

  22. Briefly describe the miracle of the blind man.

  23. Who is Lazarus?

  24. Were there others besides Lazarus who were raised from the dead?

  25. Explain the main teachings of Prophet Isa?

  26. Who conspired against Prophet Isa to have him crucified?

  27. Was Prophet Isa crucified?

  28. What did Allah do to save Isa from crucifixion?

  29. How many disciple did Prophet Isa have?

  30. The disciples saw Prophet Isa after the process of crucifixion, does that mean Prophet Isa continued to be alive and that he was saved by Allah?

  31. Did the disciples see Prophet Isa raised to Heaven?

  32. What is the Gospel of Barnabas?

  33. Who is Paul and explain his role in Christianity?

  34. When were the first Bibles written?

  35. Explain how Christianity changed from a Christian belief to Trinitarian belief.